Benefits of Preventative Tree Spraying

When it comes to your trees and keeping your landscape in good condition, preventive measures are the best. One of the ways to do that is through tree spraying. Just like tree trimming and removal are essential in tree care, so is tree spraying. Different pests and disease infestations require different chemicals. 

Before you make this a DIY project, you need to understand which diseases or pests can infest your trees. Timing is also important, as spraying at the opportune moment can ensure that the chemicals are effective. Take a look at some of the benefits of preventative tree spraying.

Prevent Insect Outbreaks

Preventative spraying can prevent an insect outbreak before it occurs. An arborist has the right training to determine the possibility of insect outbreaks based on the type of tree on your property. For instance, mosquitoes prefer pine, cedar, cypress, oak, and cottonwood. A tree like cottonwood tends to attract mosquitoes because it has nectar which they feed on. In addition, deciduous trees like maple and beech usually lose their leaves every year. Those leaves can form a layer of mulch at the base, attracting mosquitoes.

Lantern flies can also be a nuisance. They are particularly attracted to maple trees, birch, black walnut, and willow. They suck the sap of a plant, which significantly stresses the tree, affecting its health. Instead of waiting for these insects to cause damage, schedule a tree service in Dallastown, PA, and have your tree sprayed.

Prevent Tree Diseases

Besides pest prevention, tree spraying can also help prevent an outbreak of disease. Some common diseases that affect trees include oak wilt, cedar rust, apple scab, and powdery mildew. These conditions not only affect the health of your trees, but if one tree is infected, it can spread to other vegetation, leading to a bigger loss. Spraying on time can prevent this.

Promote Longevity

Just like pruning and trimming, preventative spraying can ensure your trees remain healthier and stronger. Spraying boosts the immune system of trees, allowing them to continue standing for longer.

Hiring a Tree Service Company

While you may have considered spraying your trees yourself, it is wiser to hire professionals to do it. They have been doing these for a while, so they know which chemicals are right for your trees. In addition, they are aware of the right time to spray the trees. For instance, fungicide sprays work best in the spring season before the leaves have opened. This is the perfect time to prevent diseases like scab disease.

If the tree is already infested, a professional can inform you whether spraying will work or to consider removal to protect other trees and vegetation. At times, you might need tree trimming in Dover, PA, to remove infected branches and keep the tree healthy.

If you are looking for quality tree services you can trust, contact Lewis Burns Tree Services. We offer a variety of services, including tree spraying, removal, trimming, stump grinding, and snow removal. Our arborists are experts, offering professional services that leave your property looking great. Give us a call today.