Caution & Warning Signs of Lantern Flies

Lantern flies are destructive insects native to China. Sightings of this pest in the United States were first recorded in Pennsylvania in 2014, and since then, they have caused multiple quarantines for firewood and products that were shipped from the state. 

Lantern flies feed on trees and cause damage by sucking their saps from stems and leaves. The tree will weaken and eventually die if the infestation is not resolved immediately. When your tree is infested, you may need the help of a specialty tree service in York, PA to help you with it. It’s also important to take certain precautions to reduce the risk of infestation. 

Warning Signs of Lantern Flies

Here are some warning signs that lanternflies have infested your tree:

  • The bark of the tree will have weeping wounds
  • The tree attracts more bees, ants, or wasps
  • There are muddy-gray eggs on the tree or nearby benches or other flat surfaces

What Precautions You Can Take To Protect Your Trees

Lantern flies may be an invasive pest. However, there are several things you can do to avoid infestation or prevent it from getting worse.

Female lanternflies lay eggs around summer or early fall, and usually, those eggs hatch in the spring. If you see those eggs, prevent them from hatching. Doing this will stop the more serious infestation, which saves your tree.

Remove the eggs from the tree by scraping them off on every surface you see them and dispose of them accordingly.

Another thing you can do is to put flypaper or duct tape around the tree. This will create a sticky band that can capture lanternflies before they can create worse devastation. Just make sure that each band is less than 5 inches so that it won’t capture other animals.

You can also just smush lantern flies using fly swatters and stepping on them. 

Another thing that can work is insecticidal soaps. Spray them directly if you notice them pestering your tree. Penn State also reveals some of the brands that work, including Safer insect-killing soap and Ortho Elementals insecticidal soap. Using a mixture of water and highly concentrated alcohol may work as well.

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