Deciding Whether to Limb Up Conifers

Caring about the full health of your tree means knowing when and how to trim your tree properly. Conifer trees have special trimming needs based on their unique growth patterns. Work with our company, and rely on us to save your tree without destroying it. Decide when it’s the right time to limb up your trees.

Reasons to Repair Conifer Trees

Most homeowners have problems with low-hanging branches that scratch against their glass windows or block their view of the outside. They may want more sunlight to enter their rooms downstairs or upstairs. Since shedding occurs only once or twice a year and leaves behind a small mess, it doesn’t cause most homeowners to consider trimming its branches.

Disease affects trees at any time of the year. Remove the dead, diseased branches of conifers that may be affected by blight, rot, canker, or fungal diseases. You may notice symptoms anywhere from the roots to the needles and branches.

When to Trim

The end of winter is the best time to trim evergreen conifer trees. Your trees begin a new growth cycle in the spring, so, ideally, you trim the branches in their new stage. Pruning can take place during any time of the year, but the best results are during and after winter.

When Not to Trim

You are advised not to trim evergreen trees too often. Evergreens do not regrow their branches as easily as deciduous trees do. You are advised not to cut off the entire branch and to leave at least one-third of the limb. The trees are not guaranteed to grow back when the branches are trimmed to the trunk or ground. For younger trees, though, the branches can grow back, and it’s acceptable to remove broken or overlapping branches.

Why You Need a Professional

When you work with our tree services in York, PA, we put the highest level of care and quality into trimming your trees. Our professionals consider the health of the entire tree and choose the safest, cleanest methods for the task. We do everything that we can to preserve the tree limbs while allowing room for natural regrowth.

Not every tree species is treated the same when you need limbing work done. On some trees, it’s not even necessary to remove the diseased branches if a professional can remove the infection. Restoring your tree to its original condition is the main focus of our experienced tree trimming in Dover, PA. At Lewis Burns Tree Service, our professional tree trimmers are experienced in maintaining conifer trees and ready to help you with all your tree needs.