Don't Wait Until Spring, Winter Is the Most Affordable Time to Remove Stumps
During the winter season, all of those worries about lawn maintenance seem to fade away with the snow’s arrival. Yet, people sometimes overlook that certain aspects of lawn care are easier to do in the spring. Those old, irritating tree stumps may have been a source of frustration through the summer months that got overlooked for other more pressing tasks. Now that winter is here, you’ll find that there are serious benefits to handling the problem during the off-season. 

Make Stump Removal More Budget-Friendly

When it was warmer, you might have been spending a lot more money on grass seed, sod, and other lawn maintenance needs. With that part of the season over, you can redirect your funds toward making other landscaping improvements. The best part is that you’ll find your money goes further now. Landscaping companies tend to offer better deals during the off-season when demand for services isn’t at its peak. 

Avoid Worrying About Damaging the Grass

After working so hard on building a lush, green lawn, the last thing you might have wanted to do is tear it up. Professional stump grinding in York County, PA is more gentle on the grass than trying to do it yourself. In the winter, any broken blades of grass or blowing won’t be so noticeable, and the lawn will have time to repair itself before spring.

Jump Start Your Spring Prep

You may already have a running list of things to do for your spring yard work routine, and clearing what you can off that to-do list makes it easier to accomplish your goals. If one of your goals is to have a debris-free lawn that is safe for your kids and other loved ones to play on, then removing a stump can get you there. Tree services in Red Lion, PA continue throughout the year, which means you can schedule those tasks that you need help with so that you are free to focus on your spring prep when the time comes around.

Get Service Faster During the Slower Season

There’s nothing worse than being fully motivated to accomplish a project only to be told that you’ll have to wait weeks to get it done. With the drop-off of people needing tree removal services in the winter, you’ll be more likely to be able to get that service scheduled when you want it. Having more flexibility in the scheduling also means that you can make arrangements for stump grinding when it’s convenient for you, rather than having to take whatever day is available.

Give Us a Call for Prompt Stump Removal

Are you ready to get started on improving your lawn before the spring even begins to arrive? Give our team a call today! We’ve got open availability to remove that old stump so that you can start planning your dream lawn.