How Tree Services Can Help Reduce Insect Activity In Your Backyard
Maintaining your trees and lawn is important for more than just keeping them looking great. It can also help keep insects at bay. By removing tree stumps and trimming trees, you can significantly impact how many insects you see in your yard this summer. Read on to find out more.

Removes Insect-Friendly Spots

Proper care of your lawn and trees will ensure that your insect activity remains low. This service’s primary role is to remove any insect-friendly spots on your property. When you remove places for them to eat and live, they’ll be less likely to come around.

If you have an old tree stump on your property, it will begin to deteriorate as it ages. This is especially true when it is exposed to water. As the stump rots, more types of insects will be attracted to it, including beetles, termites, and ants. Leaving the stump in place could allow the infestation to grow and spread to healthy trees or your home.

Long tree branches can also be a problem. When trees are overgrown, it gives bugs access to more options than they had before. While they can get to more areas of your lawn, consider the fact that they can likely get to your home if the branches extend toward the structure.

Overgrown bushes and leaf piles are a great shelter for insects, especially those that like the dark. Keeping your hedges trimmed and your lawn raked up can go a long way toward reducing insect activity.

Eliminates Safe Zones

For some bugs, dark, wet spaces are safe zones where they thrive. These can include rotting stumps, overgrown bushes, and leaf piles. Proper tree services in Dover, PA, can remove these spots, ensuring you have much less insect activity in your yard.

Stump removal in York County, PA, will eliminate all your related insect problems. The entire stump and all traces of your insect issue will be removed from your lawn.

When your bushes become overgrown, the space underneath can become a damp, dark haven for insects of many kinds. What’s worse is these bugs can be a nuisance around your home if these bushes are close to the entryway. Ensuring proper trimming on a routine schedule will keep these problems at bay.

As leaves fall and become wet, they become a breeding ground for insects. These insects can make it harder to clean up the leaves later on and can also become even more of a nuisance as they reproduce in this ideal environment. Keeping these leaves cleaned up regularly will eliminate the safe zone.

Rely on a Tree Service You Can Trust

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