Improving Landscaping With Tree Transplanting

Trees can be a welcome addition to any property. But there are times when things change on your property in a way that makes the placement of certain trees impractical or not entirely safe. If there’s a need to transplant trees, Lewis Burns Tree Service is the company to turn to for the actual moving and replanting. Take a moment to learn why it’s sometimes necessary to improve your landscape with tree transplanting.

Reasons to Transplant Trees

Safety is one of the more common reasons to transplant trees. Some older trees, for example, get bigger and wider and sometimes encroach on power lines or shift too close to a home or business structure. While trimming may solve problems of this nature, it’s sometimes better just to move the entire tree.

It’s also worth considering tree transplanting for any of the following reasons:

  • Older or mature trees are blocking your view or affecting property value
  • Tree placement is limiting how much you can use your exterior spaces
  • You wish to add new landscape elements but certain trees are in the way
  • You’re having issues with an excess shade that are affecting flowers, bushes, or shrubs

How Tree Transplanting Works

The first step with tree transplanting is to pick a new location. The new location should be convenient for you but still good for the tree – meaning sufficient access to good soil and sunlight. Next, exploratory digging is often done to determine the size of the root ball. The new hole will need to be approximately twice the size of the diameter of the root ball.

The tree transplanting process is completed by:

  • Digging the new hole for where the tree will go
  • Digging around the tree to expose the root ball and loosen the tree if it’s smaller
  • Using a motorized spade or other appropriate equipment for larger trees
  • Wrapping the root ball if there will be delays with replanting the tree
  • Using appropriate securing mechanisms and moving equipment for mid-size or larger trees

Note: Larger trees tend to die if moved by hand, which is why professional assistance is recommended.

How Our Tree Services Can Help

Even smaller and mid-size trees can be difficult to transplant if you don’t have the right equipment. Larger trees can present even more challenges physically and logistically. This is one of the more compelling reasons to let our landscaping pros move your trees. You’ll also appreciate working with our seasoned landscape experts thanks to our:

  • Attention to detail
  • Experience with tree moving and related landscaping needs
  • Focus on safety and the health of the tree(s) being transplanted
  • Reasonable rates and landscaping expertise

We’re Ready to Transplant Your Trees

Once you’ve decided to transplant trees, Lewis Burns Tree Service is the company to call on to get the work done. Our specialty tree services in York, PA include the safe, efficient, and affordable relocation of trees on residential and commercial properties.

Contact us today to take advantage of our full range of services.