Maintaining the Health of Your Trees and Plants: Effective Insect and Disease Management

For over five decades, Lewis Burns Tree Service has been a trusted name in South Central Pennsylvania, offering top-notch services such as tree removal, tree trimming, and emergency tree care. Today, we are proud to expand our offerings to include comprehensive plant and tree management services, specifically designed to address insect infestations and diseases that may affect your greenery.

Our Approach in Three Simple Steps

  1. Inspect
  2. Diagnose
  3. Take Action

Our Lawn Spraying Package Options

Silver Package

  • 1 monthly visit to your property for 4 months
  • Site visits will run April, June, September, and October
  • Broad spectrum horticultural oil for insect control
  • Fungicide treatment to prevent lawn disease
  • Broad spectrum fertilizer for plant nutrition
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Gold Package

  • 1 monthly visit to your property for 6 months
  • Site visits will run April, May, June, July, September, and October
  • Broad spectrum horticultural oil for insect control
  • Fungicide treatment to prevent lawn disease
  • Broad spectrum fertilizer for plant nutrition
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Platinum Package

  • 1 monthly visit to your property for 8 months
  • Site visits will run March through October
  • Broad spectrum horticultural oil for insect control
  • Fungicide treatment to prevent lawn disease
  • Broad spectrum fertilizer for plant nutrition
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Learn More About Our Treatment Services

Providing Effective Solutions

At Lewis Burns Tree Service, we are deeply committed to preserving the beauty of our community's trees and plants. Our experienced arborists understand that each situation is unique, and we work diligently to find the most suitable treatment approach. Your informed decision-making matters to us, and we provide you with the information needed to choose the right course of action with confidence.

Explore Our Treatment Packages

Your trees and plants are valuable assets that enhance the beauty and value of your property. Just like any significant investment, safeguarding these assets through preventive maintenance is crucial. To meet your specific needs, we offer three distinct package programs: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Contact us for a free consultation, and we'll help you determine which package best suits your requirements.

Our Unwavering Commitment

At Lewis Burns Tree Service, excellence is our standard. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory treatment experience for you. We respect your property and what it means to you. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step toward preserving the health and beauty of your trees and plants.

We Offer Flexible Scheduling and Emergency Services

Our quality services always include priority care! We are well-equipped to provide same-day service in many areas and even offer emergency services like urgent tree removal in Shrewsbury, PA if your home or family is at risk. 

For a free quote, professional lawn care recommendations, or support with another outdoor improvement project like tree trimming, contact our family company for incredible service and better deals today.

Lawn Aeration and Fertilizing Are Complementary Practices That Improve the Health of Your Lawn

The key to successful lawn care involves consideration of all related elements. To establish a stronger, greener, and healthier foundation, our multi-faceted approach to fertilizing and aerating lawns addresses all essential areas of lawn wellness. For example, aerating your lawn opens up the turf to help your grass retain moisture and nutrient balance throughout the changing seasons, optimizing soil regulation and preventing erosion. After we overcome soil compaction with lawn aeration, your soil will remain saturated for longer, drain evenly, and fertilizer will absorb more effectively. 

Fertilizing your lawn with the right nutrient-rich composition is essential. Our qualified lawn care experts only utilize the best, providing your property with a broad spectrum of enriching nutrients to create a healthier grass profile from the roots to the top of the grass blades.

Lawn Fertilizing is Important For:

  • Promoting healthy grass growth 
  • Providing essential nutrients 
  • Developing a deep root system 
  • Improving pest resistance 
  • And More

All fertilizing lawn services come with our promise of eco-friendly and family-safe applications. Our approved products absorb deep into the soil in less time, resulting in a yard that is healthier and ready to enjoy in less time. Our quick and effective processes are also minimally disruptive; our skilled lawn fertilization team serving Shrewsbury, PA can manage expansive yards in one visit.

3 Tree Guide: The Best Trees For Your Yard

Insect Control Services in Shrewsbury, PA

Pair our fertilizing lawn expertise with the best bug control in Shrewsbury, PA for a complete lawn upgrade. We can help you get rid of armyworms, chinch bugs, ticks, grubs, and many more insects that cause damage to your lawn. Like our safe fertilizing lawn solutions, all our bug control services in Glen Rock and Shrewsbury, PA come with approved products that eliminate the problem while protecting you and your property from questionable chemicals. 

Unlike temporary insect control options that only provide partial or temporary lawn protection, we exclusively utilize insect control solutions that are designed to keep the bugs away for longer. Whether you want to protect your pets from tick bites or hope to save your grass from stubborn colonies that eat every patch of grass you plant, consider your insect problems solved with our bug spraying specialists keeping the pests away.