Protecting Trees From Stress During Construction Projects

Strong, healthy trees on your property don’t just help make your house look good. They can add to your home’s overall value. In fact, studies show that a good tree with sufficient shade can increase your property’s value. However, if you’re preparing for a large remodeling project like an addition to your home, the construction can easily cause damage to your trees. It can injure the roots, break branches, or hurt the trunks. The stress can easily weaken the trees and cause them to die off.

If a branch falls down, although it can be a hassle, it can be cleaned up and your tree will survive. However, if a tree is continually being stressed, it may cause bigger concerns like it falling and/or forcing you to cut it down, impacting the aesthetics of your property. This is why even before construction starts, plan for the protection of the trees in your yard to guarantee they stay healthy during the process.

Preventing Tree Damage During Construction

The construction process can be compromised without proper tree care. Whether it’s a tree that is in the way of a remodel or the constant digging for your dream backyard keeps hitting the roots of the tree, it can cause a delay in your own project as well as force you to uproot a tree you never intended to disturb. So, planning to prevent that damage is key to having a smooth construction project as well as saving your landscape. Here are some ways you can avoid the disturbance to your trees:

  • Before any construction project, it’s important to evaluate the surrounding trees. Ask yourself if the tree or its branches will be in the way. From there, you can seek the help of an expert tree service in Red Lion, PA to trim them back to keep the area safe.
  • Always clear the area after every workday. The temporary storage of materials under and around the tree should be avoided.
  • Extensively discuss any work performed around the trees. Remind workers of the necessity of keeping the tree safe.
  • Place tree enclosures or protection when possible. Keep the underground root area in mind when estimating the protection coverage.

Hire a Specialist

You don’t need to have your tree completely removed for construction to happen safely. Let a specialty tree service in York, PA evaluate your trees before the project. They can guarantee that your trees will continue to thrive by determining the best and safest way to protect them. Remember, trees add value to the property. You just need to make sure that there’s no damage to the trees during construction.

Protect Your Trees Today!

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