Reasons property owners decide to have healthy trees removed

Deciding to remove a tree on your property can be difficult, especially if that tree is perfectly healthy. Working with an expert tree removal service will help you understand all the benefits and downsides of removing a healthy tree. Here are some common reasons property owners may decide to have healthy trees removed. 

Allowing Other Trees to Grow

Tree roots can grow and spread up to twice the width of the tree’s crown, which means they can overcrowd the ground space, denying other trees resources such as light, moisture, and nutrients. The removal of one healthy tree can free up a significant portion of these resources, allowing the other trees to flourish. Additionally, it can result in better curb appeal for your property and a higher value for your home. By consulting with a specialty tree service near York, PA, you can craft a plan for your outdoor space that allows every tree the opportunity to flourish.

Settling a Dispute With Your Neighbors

Occasionally, a healthy tree can be the subject of a rough debate between neighbors. You may have a tree that has grown right on the border of your properties. A small part of this tree may be on your neighbor’s property or it may be dropping sticks or leaves onto their lawn. If they want you to do something about it, a respectful conversation can be beneficial to generate a plan both parties are satisfied. If tree removal is the compromise you come to, then contacting a professional service can ensure the job gets done properly. 

Preventing Disaster 

Because tree roots spread far and wide, it is possible that the roots of a tree planted too close to your home can damage the foundation. Additionally, trees planted on the sidewalk can eventually cause severe buckling damage to the concrete, creating a hazard for pedestrians.

When this happens, call for tree removal near Red Lion, PA. Our expert technicians will help you decide on the best plan of action. There may be alternative options to tree removal, such as redesigning the sidewalk around the roots or pruning the back of the tree to protect your foundation. We can also safely and efficiently remove the tree if that’s the best solution.

Call a Professional

When you are considering removing a healthy tree, consult with an expert tree removal service to make the best decision possible for your property. Make an appointment today with Lewis Burn Tree Services.