One of the most significant risks to personal safety on your property is downed or damaged tree limbs. They can visually disrupt your landscape and physically disrupt your life. As well as causing grievous bodily injury, damaged trees can damage your home’s structural stability and pose a threat to power lines. There are many different occasions when you should call an emergency tree technician. Keep reading for the top three instances you might face.

Trees Are Damaged by Heavy Storms

The most noticeable signs of damage to trees are broken branches or limbs. In extreme cases, entire trees are uprooted. This can be caused by the strong gales and torrential rains that come with storms. When a storm does hit, it is essential to clear blocked pathways and take away debris promptly. Many emergency tree services offer options that are specifically designed to deal with the hazards created by a storm. Your chosen emergency tree services in Windsor, PA can help you make your property safe and also preserve its visual appeal.

They Are Old and Sick

It is easy to forget just how old a tree is. Old age and infirmity can sneak up on a tree creating a problem for your home and lawn. Similarly, pest infestations can go unnoticed until they get out of hand. It is important to regularly check the structural integrity of the trees on your property. If any of them appear weak or have discolored leaves, you will want them to be assessed by a professional. These sick trees can fall on people or personal property, causing a lot of damage. They can also lean precipitously close to power lines or structures, threatening them with collapse. Aged trees are more susceptible to these illnesses, though trees of any age are vulnerable to infestations of pests like carpenter ants.

They Block Your Sight

The people and vehicles that come onto your property need a clear line of sight to navigate it safely. By letting trees become bushy or overgrown, you can both obscure views and even block the sight of traffic lights. This can cause unfortunate automobile collisions. Prevent these, as well as nasty trips and falls, by calling your local tree service in Dillsburg, PA when you notice the growth has become unmanageable.

In addition to keeping your property looking well-maintained and attractive, calling for emergency tree service when you need it can make your property safer. Contact Lewis Burns Tree Services for all of your tree service needs. Visit us online to learn more!