The Importance of Pruning Dying Wood From a Tree

What Do You Mean By Pruning?

The process of removing branches, twigs, or leaves that are no longer alive is called “pruning” and it’s a common misconception that trees have an infinite amount of energy – they don’t need any help from humans in their growth. It’s important to keep the exterior of your home clean and tidy by having a professional arborist come out every year for pruning service. With Lewis Burns Tree Service, clients can receive peace of mind knowing the potential hazard has been eliminated.

What’s The Purpose Of Pruning?

The purpose of pruning is to remove diseased, dead, or dying branches and limbs from the tree. This allows better access, for safety purposes, as well as improving the appearance and reducing clutter on branches that are no longer alive. Deadwood can also be a harboring place for insects, disease-causing fungi, and other pests, so removing it will make your property safer while making your trees healthier too.

How Often Should Trees Be Pruned?

If your trees need pruning (recommended every other year or so), the pruning should take place in early spring before new growth begins. The frequency of pruning can depend on the last time your trees were pruned, or if there have been recent storms that may have caused damage to the trees.

What Types Of Trees Need Pruning?

Five types of trees are most commonly pruned: oak, maple, pine, cherry, and elm. It’s important to note that all species can be subject to decay over time and if you see a limb or tree that looks different, you can contact professionals to inspect the condition of the tree.

In addition to being beautiful additions to your backyard landscape design plan, these bright green giants provide clean air for our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen back into it! Lewis Burns Tree Service proudly provides professional services year-round and will work with you on developing an annual maintenance program tailored specifically towards your needs.

Lewis Burns Tree Service provides professional tree services in Lancaster, PA. We offer a full range of tree care and removal, including trimming, pruning, shaping, staking, cabling, and fertilizing for all types of trees – both large and small. We know that trees are an important part of your property; they enhance the landscape and provide shade for you and your family. Our professional tree services can help keep them in great shape.