Tree Trimming & Removal in Dallastown, PA

If you need tree removal in Dallastown, PA, then it's vital that you choose a company that's reputable. The last thing you want is a bunch of arborists accidentally letting a tree fall on your house. Working with Lewis Burns Tree Service ensures that you receive the best tree service. Here's everything you need to know about our tree services in Dallastown, PA.

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We're an Expert Company in Tree Removal and Tree Trimming

We offer several tree services like:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Emergency tree services
  • Stump grinding
  • Snow removal

The important thing about our arborists is that we are experts. We have been helping people remove trees from their yards for several years. Relying on others to perform tree removal can put things like your house or car at stake. Our expert team of arborists can safely remove trees from your land.

Sometimes all you need is a full service trimming in Dallastown, PA. Tree trimming is beneficial for numerous reasons. The most vital is that it can keep branches from falling on your home, car, or power lines. If you frequently lose power during a storm, then your long tree branches could be to blame. Hiring us to take care of the full service trimming job can keep your home safe and ensure the power stays on.

Contact Us If You’re In Need Of Emergency Tree Services in Dallastown, PA

The most effective way to ensure you never need emergency tree services is to prevent them through trimming. Call our team today to start trimming your trees and helping you determine whether a tree is dangerous.

Rely on Our Emergency Tree Services in Dallastown, PA

One of the reasons we are the best for providing tree services is because we also offer emergency services in Dallastown, PA. After a storm, you may discover that one of your trees has fallen in your yard. Worse, it may have fallen on the house. The first step you should take is to evacuate the home safely. Our emergency team will arrive to determine the extent of the damages.

Then we will perform emergency tree services like trimming and removal to move the tree from your yard or on your house. Another inspection may be necessary to see the full extent of the damage. Our full service emergency services take everything into consideration. The safety of your family is our priority.

Benefits of Our Tree Service in Dallastown, PA

Choosing us for removing or trimming any trees in your area is beneficial because it can keep your home and family safe. Few people realize the danger that trees can pose until it is too late. By hiring us to take care of you, we can help you determine which trees are dangerous and which are safe.

You should not have to learn after the fact. Rely on our experienced knowledge to limit the damage done to your home.

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