Tree Trimming & Removal Services in Dillsburg, PA

While a tree can offer great shade and visual beauty for your property, it can also present a few problems. Whether you are a victim of a heavy storm or you just want a troublesome stump removed, you can find relief with Lewis Burns Tree Service. We offer several tree services that can ensure the safety of your home and family. Here is everything you need to know about our services in Dillsburg, PA.


Prevent Tragedy with Tree Trimming in Dillsburg, PA

If you are wary of tree removal for your trees, then one option may be to have our arborists perform tree trimming instead. By simply cutting back some of the branches, the threat your trees present can be removed. In other cases, you may be worried about the size of the tree. In this case, tree removal may be the safest option for your home.

Our arborists can help you with tree services in Dillsburg, PA if you notice any of the following:

  • Tree branches extend over your home
  • Tree leans against your home
  • Tree branches extend over your car
  • Root system extends to your plumbing
  • Stump problems
  • Tree obscures view

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If you want the best care for your yard and driveway, then give us a call. We will ensure your home and family stay safe from problematic trees and their branches. Give us a call to find out more information about our services.

Our Company Will Perform Stump Removal for That Annoying Stump in Dillsburg, PA

If you had a tree removed in your property, then there is a chance that the company did not remove the stump or perform stump grinding. As a result, you may have a troublesome or ugly stump just sitting in your yard. If you want stump removal performed, then our arborists can help.

One option is stump grinding. Sometimes all you need is stump grinding to cut back the size of the stump. Stumps can become decorations for your yard if crafted the right way. We can make your stump presentable.

Yet if you prefer to have the stump gone entirely, then our company can perform stump removal in Dillsburg, PA to free your yard.

Contact Us If You’re In Need Of Emergency Tree Services in Dillsburg

One of the best tree services we offer is an emergency tree service. Following a storm, you may find that a tree has crashed on your roof or rests against your home. To ensure your home remains safe, call our emergency tree service. Our team will quickly arrive at your location to perform tree removal and tree trimming.

One way to ensure that you do not need our emergency tree service is to have a tree removal performed in the first place. We will help you determine which trees in your yard are safe to stay.

We Offer Snow Removal Services

Besides tree service, we also offer the best snow removal service. We will make sure your driveway is kept clear. You will never get stuck in your driveway again with our snow removal services. You should rely on us over other companies because we make sure that your driveway is cared for during the removal process. Other companies may just dig without worrying about what it is going to happen to your driveway.