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Tree removal is an important part being a home owner with trees in your yard. While trees may cast lovely shade into your backyard, they can also provide several problems. One of them you may not be able to see. A tree's roots grow exponentially long in order to accommodate the actual tree. Those roots can slowly pierce through any plumbing that you have in the ground. It may even start to damage your home's foundation. The best course of action is to have the tree removed. At Lewis Burns Tree Service, we can provide high-quality tree services that keep your house and family safe. Here is everything you need to know about what our arborists can do for you in Dover, PA.


Why Our Tree Removal Service is Beneficial in Dover, PA

We offer several tree services that can keep your home safe. They include:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Emergency tree services
  • Stump removal
  • Snow removal

All these services can benefit you because it can make your home a safe place to be. All it takes is for one bad storm in Dover, PA to knock down a tree or a large branch. That branch or tree can land on your home, your car, or even a power line. Suddenly, the area can become extremely dangerous.

Contact Us Today for Our Tree Services

When you need the best full service tree trimming or removal, come to us. We will keep you safe with our best tree trimming.

To ensure you can continue to live in your home, you will want to call our expert arborists. They can look at the trees that surround your home to determine if they are safe to remain or not. We can also help you determine whether you need to worry about the root system.

Our tree services can also make your yard look more attractive. Do you have a dead tree that is an eye sore in your yard? Perhaps there are some nasty nests in the tree that make it unsightly. Our arborists can remove it and restore your yard back to its healthy appearance.

We Provide 24 Hour Emergency Tree Services in Dover, PA

Our full service emergency tree services in Dover, PA can keep your family safe. After a storm hits, if you suddenly find yourself with a tree crashing through the ceiling, then you need to call our expert company immediately. We can help you determine whether it is safe to stay in your home. Our emergency tree services can also help you with trees that have fallen on power lines.

We will work with the power company to safely remove the tree and restore power to your home. We will even perform tree trimming to help ensure it does not happen again.

Rely on Us for Snow Removal in Dover, PA

Along with full service tree trimming, you can also receive expert snow removal in Dover, PA from us.

pine tree on house