Best Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Services in Felton, PA

Best Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Services in Felton, PA

If you have an old tree in your yard, then it may be a matter of days before it comes crashing. Older trees do not always have the kind of root system they need to remain upright. This is especially true when there are other things in the area that block root growth. Your home may be one storm away from receiving tree damage. In order to prevent a tragedy, you should rely on the tree services of Lewis Burns Tree Service. We are expert arborists that take care of any tree service you may have need of in Felton, PA. Here is everything you need to know about our tree services.

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You can rely on us for safe tree removal. We will inspect the area to ensure we know what we are dealing with. Then we'll perform tree trimming in Windsor, PA and Felton, PA to guarantee your safety. Finally, we will perform tree removal in Felton, PA, and remove the tree from your property.

You may want to sign up for our service if you experience any of the following with your trees:

  • Branches extend over the house
  • Branches extend over the car
  • Root system threatens your plumbing
  • Tree obscures your view

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The most effective way to ensure you never need emergency tree services is to prevent them through trimming. Call our team today to start trimming your trees and helping you determine whether a tree is dangerous.

We Provide Emergency Tree Services in Felton, PA

Whereas branches are an obvious problem for your home, there is a hidden predator that is also waiting to wreak havoc on your home. Roots extend as the tree grows. They may slowly be headed for your plumbing. When roots invade your plumbing, it can break the pipes and cause leaks.

Finally, we also provide stump grinding services. We know how annoying a stump can be in your yard. It always presents a tripping hazard. It can also look unsightly. Our team will perform careful stump grinding to ensure it is safe and appealing.

We Provide Emergency Tree Services in Felton, PA

We know that emergencies happen. Following a bad storm, you might suddenly find a tree on your roof or car. Our emergency tree services in Felton, PA is there for you to count on. When you call us for emergency tree services, our team will assess the problem and determine whether it is safe for your family to be in the home. Then we will work quickly to remove the tree and perform stump grinding to remove the problem.

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