Tree & Stump Removal Services in Hanover, PA

The trees in your yard may present a problem. While trees can add visual beauty to your property, they can also be problematic. Branches can fall on the roof and break it. Trees can fall on your car. To ensure your home and family remain safe, you need the tree services of Lewis Burns Tree Service. Here is everything you need to know about our tree services in Hanover, PA.

Rely on Us for Expert Tree Removal in Hanover PA

An important tree service in Spring Grove, PA and Hanover, PA is we offer tree removal. Our arborists are experienced in handling tree removal safely and efficiently. The last thing you want is an inexperienced crew of arborists handling your tree removal service. The tree may land on your home, car, or damage other trees.

tall tree trimming

You know it is time to call our arborists if you notice the following:

  • Tree branches extend over the house or car
  • Stump problems
  • Root system extends to the plumbing
  • Tree obscures view

The root system is an important part to consider the safety of your home. As a tree grows, its roots do as well. It is possible that the roots can grow right into your plumbing. They can pierce the pipes and cause clogging as well as leakages. Stump removal in Hanover, PA can help with this as well as removing the entire tree.

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Contact Our Professionals For Emergency Tree Services in Hanover, PA

One of the best tree services that we offer is emergency tree service. All it takes is one bad storm for a tree to suddenly become a real problem. You may find that a large branch is resting against your roof or car. Worse, you may have a tree leaning against your home.

These can present serious dangers if they are not taken care of quickly and carefully. You should call the best for emergency tree services. Our team will arrive at your location swiftly and assess the situation. They can help determine whether your home is safe.

Then our team will remove the tree or branch and perform stump removal or stump grinding as well to keep your yard looking presentable.

We Take the Extra Steps to Ensure Your Satisfaction

Not all companies will offer stump removal or stump grinding in Hanover, PA. We do. We want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with our services. Few people like to have a stump remain in their yard. It can be a hazard. We will remove it as part of our service.

Those who want to keep the stump but want it to be a bit safer can benefit from our stump grinding service. We will cut it back to a manageable and attractive size.

Rely on Us for Snow Removal

Another service that we can offer during the winter is snow removal. We know how much it can snow in your area. If you want to make sure that you can leave your driveway and make it to work, then you can count on us. We will safely remove the snow from your driveway. We take extra care not to damage the driveway beneath it.

pine tree on house