Mechanicsburg, PA's Premier Tree Removal Services

Careful, complete, and friendly service is our promise at Lewis Burns Tree Service! Since 1968, our expert tree trimmers and stump removal pros have been protecting homes and restoring aesthetics with various beneficial tree services. From overgrown shrubs along the fence line to unsightly branches that have become a risk to your home or vehicles, our cost-saving tree care equals property peace of mind.

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Tree Services That We Provide: 

  • Tree removal 
  • Tree cutting
  • Tree trimming 
  • Stump grinding 
  • And More

Our tree trimming, stump grinding, and tree root removal services come with property-saving recommendations. For example, after we remove a decaying tree from your backyard, we can minimize your costs and expedite the restoration project with a budget-friendly service like stump grinding. While complete stump and tree root removal may be the best option if you want to replace the tree or renovate the yard, we can often save you time and money with quick and effective stump grinding instead.

We can restore the integrity of your property in Mechanicsburg; all services include informative and courteous guidance. Whether a tree has fallen or you need longer-lasting bug control in Mechanicsburg, PA, our goal is to minimize your stress with reliable services in Mechanicsburg!

Leave the Tree Trimming to the Experts!

For emergency and scheduled services alike, complete transparency and knowledgeable tree removal practices guide our Lewis Burns Tree Service professionals. We can safely manage any sized tree, remove complex root systems, and work with proficiency to minimize lawn damage and plumbing issues.

Do You Need to Remove a Fallen Tree?

When you partner with our mindful crew to simplify your tree stump removal, shrub care, or tree trimming in Mechanicsburg, you and your property benefit from the following:  

Safer Tree Removal Techniques: By properly securing heavy loads with professional equipment before removal, our contractors prevent collateral damage with every well-planned tree cutting and tree stump removal. After 50+ years of solution-oriented tree care, we have become cautious masters of the trade. 

Enriched Plant Health: Our seasoned tree trimmers refresh tired trees and shrubs with every thoughtful trim. Our arborist can use our customizable shrub and tree-cutting care to sculpt a cleaner look, reduce problematic overgrowth, and promote overall plant longevity. 

Fast and Friendly Tree Services: When dangerous branches or an invasive root system is threatening your property, our responsive team never delays. Contact our company’s dependable experts, and we’ll shield your family and property with an emergency removal or tree cutting today.

Enhance the Aesthetic and Safety of Your Property Today

With your property safety and visual preferences in mind, our considerate tree-trimming company backs every project with prompt and open-minded support. Every minute matters after a tree falls, and we work hard to protect our clients with a higher standard of care every time we receive a request. 

Which tree service is best for your current situation in Mechanicsburg? Our tree services include helpful comparisons, recommendations, and detailed quotes to make the most of your plant care and tree stump removal project. 

Need help with tree services? If your problem has anything to do with natural growth, roots, or trees, consider it solved when you trust in our pros at Lewis Burns Tree Service!

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