Best Tree Trimming & Tree Removal in Shiloh, PA

Best Tree Trimming & Tree Removal in Shiloh, PA

If you need tree service in Spring Grove, PA or Shiloh, PA, then you need to be sure that it comes from a professional company. An inexperienced team of arborists may end up destroying your home or car. To ensure your family is kept safe, you should rely on the services of Lewis Burns Tree Service. We provide high-quality tree services that will keep your yard looking great. Here is everything you need to know about our services in Shiloh, PA.


Trusted Stump Removal Company in Shiloh, PA

One of the most annoying things that a company can do is perform tree removal and leave the stump. Unless you specifically request the stump to remain, your tree removal service should include stump removal. Whether you want it done with the removal of a tree or just because you have a stump on its own in your yard, we can help you remove it.

Our stump removal team can safely pull the stump and its roots out of the ground and carry it off. If you like having the stump there but just want it shaved down, then we can also perform stump grinding for you.

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When you need professional emergency tree services and regular services, you can rely on us. Our expert team will take care of those problematic trees for you.

Trusted Stump Removal Company in Shiloh, PA

Rely on Us for Professional Tree Removal in Shiloh, PA

While regular tree trimming can help keep your tree healthy and safe, there are times when you just need tree removal instead. The best time to call us for removal or tree trimming services is when you notice the following:

  • Tree leans against the house
  • Branches extend over the roof
  • Branches extend over the car
  • Root system is large
  • Tree obscures view

Tree trimming can take care of many problems that you may have with certain trees. Our team will carefully trim back branches to ensure that it does not threaten your home or family. By removing branches, you can still enjoy having the tree in your yard.

Yet if an emergency occurs, then it may be time to have it removed.


We Have Emergency Tree Services in Shiloh, PA

After a storm passes, you may find yourself in need of emergency tree services. All it takes is one powerful wind storm to disrupt a branch and have it fall on your roof or car. The damage could be incredible. When you call our emergency tree services, you can be sure that someone will always be available to help.

We will arrive at your location and help you assess the damage. Then we will remove the tree and perform stump removal to ensure your yard is back to normal and safe.

Call Us for Snow Removal

Besides helping with your trees, our team is also ready to help with snow removal in Dillsburg and Shiloh, PA. We will do our best to keep you from getting stuck in your driveway this winter.