Count On Us For Tree Removal & Stump Grinding in Spring Grove, PA

Count on Us for Tree Removal & Stump Grinding in Spring Grove, PA

Trees are a great addition to have in the yard. They provide plenty of shade and look beautiful. Yet they come with their share of problems. Their leaves fall every season and they can grow to great lengths. It is their growth that can be troubling. While tree trimming can help keep the branches from reaching your home or car, sometimes you need reliable tree removal. The company you need for tree removal services should be reputable and experienced. At Lewis Burns Tree Services, we have the tree services and the experience that you need. Here is what you need to know about our tree services in Spring Grove, PA.

Rely on Us for Expert Tree Trimming and Removal Care in Spring Grove, PA

If you need tree removal in Shiloh, PA or Spring Grove, PA, then we're the ones to call. Our arborists have a lot of experience in removing trees and stump grinding. We will help you either remove the entire tree or leave the stump behind per your wishes.


Tree trimming is another service that is great in preventing destructive consequences. We can trim back any branches that may cause some concern for your home. The best time to call us for tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding is when you notice the following:

  • Tree branches reach over the house
  • Tree is leaning against the house
  • Tree branches reach over the car
  • Root system is large
  • Tree obscures your view

Roots provide problems when they grow too long. Just like the tree's branches, the root system slowly extends in the soil. It may eventually make its way to the foundation of your home or the plumbing. It is possible for roots to break the pipe and cause clogs and leaks.

Our arborists can help remove the tree and perform stump removal to ensure everything is removed. You will not have to worry about your plumbing.

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If you need the best tree services like stump removal, then give us a call. We will help ensure the trees in your yard remain safe. The safety of your home and family is our priority. Call us today to find out more information.

We’re Available To Provide Emergency Tree Services in Spring Grove, PA

We are Available to Provide Emergency Tree Services in Spring Grove, PA

Another tree service in Hanover, PA and Spring Grove, PA we provide is emergency tree services. Our arborists are the best because they can quickly respond to any emergencies that you have in Spring Grove, PA. After a heavy storm, you may find yourself in need of our emergency tree services.

It is possible that a tree will come crashing down and land on your roof. You need to call our team for emergency tree services as quickly as possible. We will rush to your location and determine the extent of the damage. Then we will remove the tree and perform stump removal to keep your family safe. We can help you determine if your home is safe.

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