Tree Services To Help Reduce Pollen In your Yard & Home
When you want to reduce the amount of pollen in your home and yard, hire an experienced arborist. Tree trimming is only one of the several services an experienced arborist offers. These tree specialists also aid in cleaning away the allergens created by the plants around your house. They do this by pruning the pollen-creating sections off of the plants outdoors to reduce the pollen. When there is less pollen outside it results in less of it getting inside your house. If you need tree trimming in Red Lion, PA, Lewis Burns Tree Service can help.

How to Reduce the Effects of Tree Pollen 

The best way to reduce the effects of tree pollen is to avoid being exposed to it. During a dry, windy day remain indoors. The air is cleanest right after a heavy rainfall, rain aids in cleaning up any pollen in the air. Avert from doing chores that might activate allergens, such as mowing grass, pulling weeds, or other gardening tasks. After doing these chores, take a shower right away to remove the pollen that might be sticking to your hair and skin. 

What are the Most Common Trees for Allergens? 

The most popular tree that people are allergic to is the Birch tree. These trees are capable of producing up to five million grains of pollen! They are one of the most common trees found in gardens and yards across the United States. 

Some other common trees for producing a lot of pollen and irritating allergens include: 

  • Walnut
  • Pecan
  • Red Maple
  • Oak
  • Willow
  • Phoenix Palm
  • Silver Maple
  • Sycamore

Why Some Trees Make Me More Allergic Than Others

 Certain trees might make you have worse allergic reactions to the pollen they produce. A good example is pollen from the Alder and Birch trees. When this happens it might be a reaction to different food types. The pollen on trees is like the proteins in certain nuts, fruits, and vegetables. When your immune system is exposed to it, it gets confused and can’t differentiate the two.

When is the Worst Time of Year for Tree Allergies?

 The highest pollen count is during the spring and summer, the season when grass pollen is greatest. Late summer to the start of fall is when ragweed pollen is rampant, with the morning bringing the highest levels. If you have been outdoors doing any activity, ensure you shower and wash your hair immediately upon coming indoors.

Contact Us To Help Reduce the Pollen in Your Yard and Home

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