Professional Tree Removal & Trimming Services in Windsor, PA

Professional Tree Removal & Trimming Services in Windsor, PA

While trees can add shade to your yard and offer a touch of natural beauty, they can also become a hazard. If you find yourself in need of tree removal or any other tree services after a storm, then you need help that you can trust. At Lewis Burns Tree Service, we offer several tree services that will allow you to go on enjoying your trees for years to come. Here is what you need to know about our tree service in Windsor, PA.

Rely on Us for Trusted Tree Removal Services in Windsor, PA

If there's a dead tree in your yard or a tree you want removed, then you should call us for tree removal in Felton, PA and Windsor, PA. We offer the best tree removal service because our team takes the time to consider all variables before we start chopping.

branches removed

We want to make sure that when we remove trees, there will not be any other accidents. Other companies may just knock the tree down and give little thought to the consequences.

Besides removing the tree, we can also perform stump grinding afterwards. We know that having a garish tree stump in your yard can pose problems. We will perform stump grinding to hone down the stump until it is either removed or reduced to an agreeable size.

You should call us to remove a tree and perform stump grinding if you have the following concerns:

  • Branches that stretch over your house
  • Tree that leans close to the house
  • Branches that stretch over your car
  • Large root system
  • Tree obscures your view

Our team is ready to help with tree trimming or removal services to ensure your yard is exactly how you want it in Windsor, PA.

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We’re Available For Emergency Services Whenever You Need

We are Available for Emergency Services Whenever You Need

Another aspect of our company that sets us apart from others is our quick response to emergencies. We offer emergency tree services in Windsor, PA when you need us the most. Most often, after a heavy storm, you might walk outside to find a tree leaning against your home or crushing your car. It is time to call our emergency tree services.

Our team will arrive and inspect the damage for you. We can help you decide whether your home is a safe place to inhabit. Then we will perform our emergency tree services in Windsor, PA to free your home and property from the damaged tree.

The best way to prevent damage is to first undergo regular tree trimming. By regularly undergoing tree trimming, you can be sure that the branches never reach a dangerous distance to your home and car.

We Offer Snow Removal Services

In addition to our tree services like emergency tree services or tree trimming, you can also benefit from our snow removal. We will keep your driveway clear during the winter. You will not have to worry about getting stuck.