When Should You Remove A Tree On Your Property?

Trees are valuable assets to your home. They can both beautify the area and provide you with shade. However, there are certain circumstances when it is best to remove trees. Find out which situations warrant tree removal in Dillsburg, PA

Situations in Which Tree Removal Is Advisable

The following situations may warrant tree removal:

Close Proximity: Trees can cause harm if they are situated too close to your house or car. The loose branches or even the whole tree itself may fall on your residence or vehicle during storms.

Dead, Old, or Loose Trees: Though trees can live for hundreds of years, they do eventually grow old and die over time. An old or loose tree may fall unexpectedly onto your house or car.

Loss of Electricity: Trees can sometimes land on power lines, knocking out the electricity in an area. To prevent this, the trees and branches that are dangerously close to the wires must be removed or trimmed.

Diseased Trees: Trees may seem strong and healthy on the outside, but may have internal problems that are not immediately obvious. Diseases may be causing them to rot inside and lose structural integrity. Trees may also become the home of pests and parasites that could infest your garden and home. Contacting a Certified Arborist, like Lewis Burns Tree Service, can help you identify such issues. 

Tree Stumps: Inadequate tree removal in the past may leave behind stumps in your yard. Aside from being unsightly, these tree stumps may also be hazardous, as children and adults alike could trip over them.

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