One of the most important, but commonly overlooked, aspects of homeownership is maintaining your trees and your lawn. While tree trimming and pruning services may be more common in the warmer months, you can still maintain your yard in the winter months as well. Winter is just as good of a time to schedule a tree trimming service. Listed below are some reasons you should consider tree trimming and pruning in the winter months.

The Company Will Have a More Open Schedule

Often, during the summer months, tree trimming companies have pretty strict schedules. They may not be too flexible on when they can come out to your home. This is because many homeowners and businesses want their services during the warmer months, due to leaves being present on the trees which may make issues more noticeable for a homeowner or business owner. Scheduling an appointment during the winter months means that the company will have a more flexible schedule to help fit your needs and to give your trees prompt attention.

Issues Will Be Easier to Spot

If your trees require trimming or pruning, you might not be able to tell. However, a professional will be able to. It is sometimes easier to diagnose an issue once a tree has lost the majority of its leaves. When leaves have fallen, the branches are then left bare. Generally, this occurs during the winter months. So, this means that scheduling an appointment during the winter months may allow a professional to diagnose an issue more easily than in the warmer months.

Speak with a Professional

Waiting to trim or prune your trees after the winter months can lead to many different issues, some of which could affect your home or your neighbor’s home. It is best to have a professional inspect your trees and diagnose any issues you may have to help you avoid a potential disaster.

If you have questions about tree trimming in Dallastown, Pa, it is best to speak with a professional that can help address your concerns. Many homeowners are not aware that they need to utilize tree pruning and trimming services, so they have questions about the process. A professional from our tree services in Dillsburg, Pa can help assess your trees and figure out the best course of action for you and your needs. Lewis Burns Tree Service is here to help you keep your yard looking perfect. Give our dedicated team a call today for all your winter tree trimming and pruning needs.