If you need one tree or an entire lot of trees removed, Lewis Burns Tree Service should be your only call. We can remove trees of all sizes from shrubs to large-tree takedowns. Our specialists can also get into hard-to-handle areas near your business or home and safely remove your trees without endangering you or your property. Don’t try to remove trees on your own, call the professionals at Lewis Burns Tree Service today, 717-891-7926.

Lewis Burns Tree Service has certified arborists that provide natural tree trimming, thinning, elevation and deadwood removal. Our practices ensure healthy growth for future generations. Our experts specialize in trimming trees away from buildings, light fixtures and roadways. Our goal is to minimize property damage and provides safer environments from falling limbs and trees. Call us at 717-891-7926 today for tree trimming service.

At Lewis Burns Tree Service, we provide stump grinding to rid your property of those unsightly tree strums. By removing a tree stump, it ensures that water sprouts won’t form new trees and underground roots will no longer cause damage.

If you have a tree emergency call us at 717-891-7926 now

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